Paper Corrector: Is It a Writing Instrument

When I first came across the term “paper corrector”, the first thought that came to mind is correction fluid. For those who are born in the computer age, a correction fluid is a writing implement that is used when doing paper editing in the old days (meaning, the age of the typewriter).

With the advent of computer and word processors, this correction tool is seldom used. In its place is the easier way of just pressing “backspace” and replacing the text. Before, dissertation editing or any type of editing is done with pen and paper. Now, a paper corrector can edit a paper without even using paper.

As such, the term now “paper corrector” refers to someone who does paper editing or dissertation editing. Simply put, it refers to an editor or a proofreader. Because of the advancement in computing technology, it is easier now for any student to do his or her own proofreading. Those who do not have the necessary skills turn to online paper corrector to check their papers.

Dissertation editing is now one of the most in-demand online jobs available. With thousands of students required to submit school papers, the demand for a paper corrector is in the rise.

Can Anyone Be an Editor?

The job of a paper corrector is very important and not every person who knows a synonym or two can perform paper editing. There are a number of attributes needed to become a good editor:

1. Wide Reader

A person interested in doing dissertation editing must have a love for literature regardless of the type. He or she must be an insatiable reader.

2. Extensive word knowledge

A paper corrector does not simply correct spelling mistakes; he or she must also know which word is most appropriate for what use. Word usage is very important when doing dissertation editing because the right word can bring out the deeper meaning of a sentence or a paragraph.

3. Can Do Both Dissertation Editing and Novel Editing

This does not mean that the paper corrector should do both; it simply explains that there are certain paper editing rules that apply to all types of writing. Grammar rules, syntax, and word usage are just some of them. When doing dissertation editing, a paper corrector must know whether Harvard, APA, and other academic writing styles.

But not all paper corrector or editors do dissertation editing or other editing works. There are various categories of editorship especially in publications:

Samples of Editors in a Paper Editing Company

  1. Editor-in-chief
  2. Managing Editor
  3. Copy Editor
  4. Section Editor

You don’t hire any of these folks when you need dissertation editing. All you need to look for is a paper corrector who can do paper editing for you. It is important, though, that the one you hire possesses the skills of the abovementioned professionals.